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elcome to our totally awesome volunteer community. We are fortunate to have a large population of very capable, knowledgeable, hardworking people who graciously give of their time and talents to help our community and surrounding area.
Included in this page are also the services of our local hospital, clinic, and nursing home facilities.

Kemmerer Volunteer Fire Dept. and the South Lincoln County Fire District
1255 Coral St. Kemmerer, WY 83101
phone 307-877-3442

Our first organization is the Kemmerer Volunteer Fire Department that works under the auspices of the South Lincoln County Fire District. This fine group of individuals put their lives at risk and give of their time to protect and help our area of Lincoln County. Not only do they do what we know all fire departments do, but they are also involved with another facet of community service, extrication from crash vehicles. Our area is proud to have such a dedicated group of individuals.

The South Lincoln Hospital, the South Lincoln Medical Clinic and the South Lincoln Nursing Center (Home)
Hospital Administrator- Eric Boley
email address
Web site:

This is our local South Lincoln County Hospital, Medical Clinic and Nursing Home. We are very fortunate to have on our medical team, Dr. Chris Krell MD, Dr. Mary Williams MD, Fred Baldwin PAC and Melissa Foster NP.
Our hospital is also extremely lucky to have the services of many specialists who come to the hospital on a regular basis (orthopedics, ear, nose and throat, surgeons and others). The hospital, clinic, and nursing home also have a highly competent staff of nurses, X-ray technicians, ultrasound technicians, an anesthesiologist and dietitian. Of course, rounding it out is the valuable staff of janitors and maintenance personnel.

South Lincoln Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance barn and EMT training facility)
Location: Onyx & Ash -Kemmerer, WY 83101
phone 307-877-4401

The people who are our local EMTs (Emergency Management Technicians) are exceptionally well-trained volunteers. They respond to any medical emergency, transport patients to medical facilities, and are members of our local emergency response team. In our community, they also are a valued part of our local Health Fairs where they help by drawing blood and manning informational booths.

Search & Rescue

Next in line on our Emergency Services page is the Lincoln County Search and Rescue Unit. We are very lucky to have such a well-trained unit of people to serve our area. Since we are a very outdoor-oriented community, the valuable service that this group provides can be a matter of life and death. As volunteers, they spend many hours training--and that means training for all types of weather conditions in all four seasons. This organization also puts on the best fund-raising barbeque anywhere for our community. With the money they raise from the annual Search & Rescue Barbeque, they buy equipment and upgrade their building.

Lincoln County CIOT (Community
Incident Overhead Team)

Our next organization is called the CIOT or Critical Incident Overhead Team. This group of people represents various individual organizations such as search and rescue, fire department, and governmental entities (town, county, public health). The CIOT was formed to design an emergency preparedness plan that will be used in any kind of an emergency situation, be it a major accident, hazardous material spill, or terrorist attack. This group is doing hands-on simulation training and field exercises in order to be ready for any potential incidents.

Community Emergency Response

Community Emergency Response Teams Mission Statement
Mission Statement: The purpose of the Lincoln County C.E.R.T. is to conduct community-specific training to assist local government in their efforts to establish Community Emergency Response Teams

his last organization is an offshoot of the Wyoming Homeland Security Department and the national program put into place by the United States Government on Homeland Security. The CERT program stands for Community Emergency Response Team. The goal of the CERT program is to train neighborhoods and any other groups to respond to an emergency and take control of incidents while the major responders are tackling the worst area of the disaster. Training in this program includes basic first aid, small fire control, risk assessment for buildings, locating missing people and rescue, cribbing for rescue, designing and maintaining an emergency response area and much more.

The people in the CERT picture are local people who have taken the state class in emergency response training and have become trainers of the program. This group of people hope to train as many groups as possible in Lincoln County and other areas of the State of Wyoming to become CERT teams for their own section of town or county.


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