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Fossil Butte
National Monument

e are so lucky to have the Fossil Butte National Monument close to our community. We have always known that our area is rich in large reserves of energy-producing resources. And, of course, along with coal, oil, and gas, are fossil beds. At Fossil Butte, we can both visit the monument and enjoy the opportunity to dig our own fossils at privately owned fields nearby.

• Fantastic Day-Trip Explorations!

Fossil Butte National Monument is located ten miles northwest of Diamondville in southwest Wyoming. It is one of the richest fossil areas in the world. Fifty million-year-old fish, insects, birds, reptiles and plants are nearly perfectly preserved in limestone. Open to the public are nearby commercial fossil beds where visitors can dig their own fossils.

The visitor center has over 75 fossils on display, including a 13-foot crocodile, the oldest know bat, and a mass mortality of 356 fish. Also available are video programs, fossil preparation demonstrations, and a bookstore.

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Priscacara, similar to the Perch and Sunfish of today
Fossil Bird

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