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Area Hospitals

or a small rural community, we are very lucky to have such a great facility to handle our medical needs. We are able to have some of the best care without the hassle of traveling great distances. We have a MRI trailer that comes once a week, we have great x-ray facilities, we have a well-trained lab, and even the ability to have medical consultation with specialists. And when we encounter something that can’t be handled here, we have the comfort of having “Life Flight” available to Salt Lake City, Utah, a flight of only 45 minutes.

The South Lincoln Hospital, the South Lincoln Medical Clinic and the South Lincoln Nursing Center (Home)

Hospital Administrator- Eric Boley
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This is our local South Lincoln County Hospital, Medical Clinic and Nursing Home. We are very fortunate to have on our medical team, Dr. Chris Krell MD, Dr. Mary Williams MD, Fred Baldwin PAC and Melissa Foster NP.
Our hospital is also extremely lucky to have the services of many specialists who come to the hospital on a regular basis (orthopedics, ear, nose and throat, surgeons and others). The hospital, clinic, and nursing home also have a highly competent staff of nurses, X-ray technicians, ultrasound technicians, an anesthesiologist and dietitian. Of course, rounding it out is the valuable staff of janitors and maintenance personnel.


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