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elcome to our Memorial Page, the page that makes me feel the most emotion. The whole Miners Memorial Park was financed solely by donations from many people who contributed items to the park in memory of their special family coal miner.

In our Miners Memorial Park, we have the only statue in our community. This statue is very special because it was dedicated by Local 1307 of United Mine Workers of America to honor all coal miners, past, present, and future.

The next item that was donated was the flagpole complete with the American flag and the Town of Diamondville flag. The United Mine Workers of America – District 22 donated this again in honor of all coal miners.

Within the park itself, we have a wonderful Mine Map Exhibit which houses pictures of mines and also a detailed map locating all the old mines in the area. It is facing east toward Oyster Ridge, and when you are looking at the map, you can look to the ridge and see the location of some of the old mines. We are grateful to The Lincoln County Historical Society for this wonderful donation.

The whole park is filled with donated items in memory of deceased loved ones who worked in the mine. We have benches, trees, two picnic shelters, and a restroom facility as well as a beautiful flowerbed in the shape of a diamond.

This park makes a wonderful stopping place for a tourist in need of a rest and a picnic area. The locals find it a nice park to simply meet to visit or to hold small outdoor meetings


The Lincoln County War Memorial is located on the southeastern corner of the block housing the Lincoln County Courthouse.

It was dedicated on June 1, 1990 with the Governor of Wyoming, Mike Sullivan, doing the honors.
Inside the memorial are lists of names of the veterans of Lincoln County, noting if they were killed in action in WW1, WW2, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.

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