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Local Schools
Lincoln County School District #1

incoln County School District # 1
Lincoln County School District #1 is a comprehensive K-12 school district located at four sites. Burgoon School currently enrolls kindergarten through second grade, Kemmerer Elementary enrolls third through fifth grade, Kemmerer Middle School enrolls sixth through eighth grade, and Kemmerer High School enrolls ninth through twelfth grade. Currently, approximately 670 students are enrolled K – 12. Kemmerer High School offers an extensive curriculum with advanced placement courses in many areas. The district is governed by a five member board of trustees. The District conducts a strategic planning session in the fall setting goals to be accomplished for the year and future years. The strategic plan and other information regarding the district can be found on the district’s web site.

Lincoln County School District #1 office building
Location 11 Adaville St. Diamondville, Wy 83116
phone 307-877-9096
School District website

Kemmerer High School
1525 3rd. West -
Kemmerer, Wy 83101
phone 307-877-6991
FAX 307-877-4117

Kemmerer Middle School
1010 Antelope St. - Kemmerer, WY 83101
phone 307-877-2286
FAX 307-877-3365

Kemmerer Elementary
1401 Lincoln Heights - Kemmerer, Wy 83101
phone 307-877-5584
FAX 307-877-9522

Lincoln-Uinta Child Development Association and the Kemmerer Child
Development Center
1208 Elk Street Kemmerer, Wy 83101
phone 307-877-6984

Western Wyoming Community College/Oyster Ridge BOCES
136 Burgoon Drive. Diamondville, WY 83116
phone 307-877-3329

The Oyster Ridge BOCES/Kemmerer Outreach is a full service Community Education Center. They offer classes and degree programs from Western Wyoming Community College, University of Wyoming and Utah State University. The degrees offered include Associate of Arts degrees, Masters Degrees and some PhD degrees.
The Outreach also offers Vocational Training, Computer software seminars and a wide range of Community enrichment classes. The Adult Learning Center at the Outreach offers ESL, Literacy and GED Classes. The Outreach is an official GED Testing Site.

For more information please visit:

Lincoln County School District #1

  # of Schools Grades
Elementary: 2 K - 5
Middle: 1 6-8
Senior HS 1 9-12

Average ACT Score: 21.6
Vocational Schools: The secondary school has a vocational program that has been developed to meet the changing needs of high school students over the years.

The College Outreach Program offers a variety of credit and non-credit classes.

Educational Attainment - 2000 Census
Population over 25 489
No High School Diploma 79
High School Diploma 238
Some College 78
Associate Degree 41
Bachelor's Degree 36
Graduate or professional degree 17



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