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iamondville is blessed with all the modern utilities, thanks in large part to the surrounding land, which is rich in coal, oil, gas, and water. We are fortunate to have the modern conveniences of telephone service, cell phone service, and Internet providers. Yes, we are in the 21st century.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Questar Infocomm Inc. (gas company)
Address: 106 Sublett
Diamondville, WY 83116
Telephone: 307-877-3155

Naughton Power Plant

Diamondville Sanitation

Electricity: Pacific Power - 888-221-7070
Loop System: Yes
Water: K/D JPBoard - 307-828-2350 Residential - $35.00 for 3500 gallons + $2.35/1,000 gallons
Excess Capacity: Yes / + $15.00 per cycle deprectiation
Sewer: K/D JPBoard - 307-877-2261 $20.00 for 3500 gallons + 2.35/1,000 gallons
+ $15.00 per cycle deprectiation / Treatment: Oxidation Ditch
Sanitation: Yes $50.00 per quarter
Natural Gas: Questar - 307-877-3155  
Telephone: CenturyLink - 866-642-0444 Internet Service
I. S .P. : - 307-877-6612 - 866-663-9378
AVICOM - 307-877-9446 (wireless service)
TV: Dish or DirecTV  

Craig Nelson
Pacific Power
Regional Community Manager
307-360-7802 Cell

Naughton Power Plant


The Naughton Plant is a three unit coal-fired power plant located in Lincoln County, Wyoming. The site consists of approximately 1120 acres at an elevation of 6900 feet above sea level. The plant property is adjacent to coal deposits being mined by Pittsburg and Midway Coal Mining. Pittsburg and Midway Coal Mining delivers coal to the plant from its mine on a 4200-foot, 54-inch belt conveyor which transports coal from the mine to the plant.


PacifiCorp owns 100% of Naughton Plant including land, structures and machinery. PacifiCorp owns 100% of Viva Naughton Lake Reservoir including land, structures and machinery.

Naughton Plant Facts

The plant consists of three units. Unit 1 has generating capacity of 160 megawatts and has a Combustion Engineering natural circulating boiler and a General Electric turbine/generator. The unit has a closed loop cooling system with a mechanical draft cooling tower.

Unit 2 has a capacity of 210 megawatts and has a Combustion Engineering natural circulating boiler and a General Electric turbine/generator.

Unit 3 has a capacity of 330 megawatts and has a Combustion Engineering forced circulating boiler and a Westinghouse turbine/generator.

Water Supply

Water for plant operation is extracted from the Hams Fork River. A water balance study estimated that the station consumes approximately 10,000 acre feet per year when operating at a capacity factor of 80%.

The Viva Naughton Dam is located on the Hams Fork River 15 miles upstream from the plant. The dam is an earthen embankment approximately 70 feet high and 3200 feet long. The drainage area above the dam contains 235 square miles and collects about 100,000 acre feet of water annually. The dam impounds 45,370 acre feet of water at the normal pool elevation of 7242 feet. Two hydro plants were installed at the toe of the dam in 1986. They are induction type generators rated at 567kw and 173kw. Both hydro plants are fully automatic. Water for the plant is released from the reservoir at a sufficient rate for the plant and town’s requirements. A diversion dam and pump station is located on the river approximately eight miles north of the plant. Water is conveyed to the plant site by pipeline.

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